Unlock Hidden Intellectual Property with the ipScan

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Invent Anything
Invent Anything
Unlock Hidden Intellectual Property with the ipScan

Do you work with an innovative team but can’t figure out why they never produce any IP, like patents and trade secrets? Many inventors have lots of great ideas but seem to have trouble getting them out of their heads, onto paper, and filed with the patent office. The ipScan is here to help and has been used for over 25 years to extract and unlock the hidden value in inventive teams. This episode covers six topics:

1 – The history of invention extraction

2 – Formal invention extraction techniques

3 – Strategies for using the ipScan, what you get from a formal IP extraction process

4 – Difference between ipScan and brainstorming

5 – How an ipScan is set up, executed, what the results look like, and benefits

6 – Future of ipScan, using artificial intelligence