Virtual Networking in the Age of Social Distancing

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Virtual Networking in the Age of Social Distancing

Virtual networking in the age of social distancing – how can it benefit you? Mike talks with author Bill Saleebey, Ph.D., known as Dr. Bill, as he shares insights on how critically important virtual networking is to you, your practice, profession and work.

Dr. Bill Saleebey is the foremost expert on the psychological and practical aspects of business networking. He is the author of the books “Connecting: Key Networking Tips for Business and Life”, “Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag”, “Sell Yourself”, and “Study Skills for Success.” He has been speaking, training and teaching on a wide variety of topics since 1972. Dr. Saleebey received his Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Counseling from UCLA in 1980. He serves as a consultant and trainer with businesses to infuse networking into their business development practices.

Dr. Saleebey’s diverse career has included research on the educational problems of Samoan migrants based on his work on the island of American Samoa, which was the basis of his doctoral dissertation, the creation and development of the Study Skills Seminar, and over thirty-eight years of business development experience as a relocation manager, currently with MSI. He facilitates networking groups with ProVisors where he is a Group Leader in DTLA, and Bruin Professionals. He is past President of Bruin Professionals and current Group Leader of the BP Encino chapter.

Dr. Saleebey is a keynote speaker, networking coach, business development trainer for corporations and teaches group leaders how to facilitate the group process. He works with professional firms, educational institutions and a wide variety of businesses to implement effective networking skills into business. His work also includes forming and nurturing the growth of networking groups in industry and with alumni organizations.

To learn more, contact Bill Saleebey, Ph.D., at or (310) 308-3123. Visit his site at

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