What’s Happening to Sports Journalism?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
What's Happening to Sports Journalism?

Deion Sanders has been named the 2023 Sports Illustrated Sports Person of the Year. He brought in a lot of revenue for Colorado but lost quite a few players due to his coaching style. Have the qualifications for top sports figures been redefined? Is sports journalism itself changing? SI morphed into a monthly periodical in 2020 after being weekly since its debut in the ‘50s. Will the circulation periods shift again with the controversies that have plagued the magazine in the past several years, with its use of AI reporting being the most recent?

USA Today Sports Weekly has been showing up on shelves much later than its usual publication time, often rendering the sports stories as old news by the time the magazine arrives. Will it eventually become a monthly magazine, like Sports Illustrated, with fewer articles being written? Is it a money-saving issue? Are hard-copy periodicals and newspapers going the way of the dodo, leaving those who enjoy the print rather than online editions feeling like dinosaurs? And are sports radio shows following suit?

Is Mark Cuban considering a move for the Dallas Mavericks? Does he want to expand into sports gambling and find nothing but roadblocks ahead of him because it isn’t allowed in Texas? What options are open to him?

How will Brandon Staley and the Chargers do in the New England game? Will he stay on as coach after this season with new plans for the team, or are greener pastures calling?

Dante Moore has entered the transfer portal, leaving UCLA behind. Is he heading back home to Detroit and possibly joining the Michigan team? Will Caleb Williams take his lead and enter the transfer portal as well, or stay at USC to be a contender for the Heisman Trophy and a hopeful first-round draft pick?

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