When is a Record Really a Record?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
When is a Record Really a Record?

On Wednesday, George Kirby of Seattle threw 24 consecutive strikes, considered an all-time record in baseball. But is it? What about back in the early 1900s, with greats like Honus Wagner, when they likely didn’t keep track of every pitch and only kept rudimentary box scores? The game has changed so much since then, and now it’s the nuances that make up more of the statistics and how the game is won. Are there astounding records we don’t know about that would surpass those of today? Would Wagner and his teammates even recognize modern baseball?

The college football season is starting, and with the NIL extended to high school athletes, how will that affect the way they choose where to play college sports? It has already changed the decision-making process at the university level, so will high school players now jump from school to school in search of more lucrative deals? How young is too young to be considering sponsorship options?

Nick Saban has signed a $93M contract with Alabama for seven years because he was upset that another coach received a better offer. Is he considered the ultimate coach in college football, and will he end up coaching into his 80s?

Patrick Beverley, formerly of the Utah Jazz, has been traded to the Lakers. It’s widely known that he and Russell Westbrook do not get along. Is that a personal dig at Westbrook to get him to leave? Should he try to hang in there for his $47M paycheck? Would it be too hard on team morale to have players with a lot of animosity towards each other?

Arte Moreno bought the Anaheim Angels in 2003 and has put the team up for sale for $2.8B. With the possibility of Mike Trout heading back east and rumors that Shohei Otani is thinking of leaving, is the team in need of an infusion of new blood? Who would be a good candidate to buy them? Steve Ballmer, who owns the LA Clippers, lives in the area and is an involved owner with his team. He knows sports and is willing to spend money. Could he turn the Angels around?

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