Which Coast Will Claim Shohei Ohtani?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Which Coast Will Claim Shohei Ohtani?

Will Shohei Ohtani return to the Angels? Did the Angels make a mistake playing him in an unimportant game that led to an injury? Since he’s looking to win a World Series, what teams are on his radar? Will Steve Cohen of the Mets come up with the salary to lure him to the East Coast? Would he consider staying in SoCal to play for the Dodgers, with the bonus of the time zone making it easier for fans at home in Japan to catch his games? Or could he end up in Seattle?

Seven of the football teams in the Pac-12 are in the top 25 this season, just as the conference is shrinking down to the Pac-2, with Oregon State and Washington State the last two standing. The lone survivors of the Pac-12 face each other this weekend, with OSU coach Jonathan Smith seeing his team ranked at the same time as Washington State for the first time ever in the history of their 97 matches. Will the Mountain West Conference snap them up?

The Rams have been struggling to repeat their winning record this season. Is there a chance that Sean McVay will be back coaching for LA in 2024, or does he have an eye on greener pastures?

Between the college coastal conference-swapping and the NFL looking at the possibility of not one but TWO games on Monday Night Football, the football viewing schedule promises to be all over the board. Even with the staggered starting times, can fans work out how to juggle watching two NFL games at the same time, with some starting before they even get home from work and then staying up to watch late games that might not finish until 2 a.m. Eastern? Are even the most die-hard fans going to be over-saturated?

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