Will Controversy Play Out at the Cathedral of Golf?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Will Controversy Play Out at the Cathedral of Golf?

The 87th Masters Tournament is about to begin in Augusta, Georgia, with a lot of buzz about possible acrimony between the PGA Tour and the LIV. Over a dozen LIV golfers are scheduled to participate, including Bubba Watson. Will that get in the way of this revered event, or is it an overabundance of hype by the media? The course is considered the cathedral of golf history, and the legendary Fuzzy Zoeller, who won the tournament for the first time as a rookie, once said the Masters course is “the best set of 8 par 5s I’ve ever played in my life.” Can players put aside their league rivalries to respect the legacy of the tournament?

For the first time in a long time, 40 or 50 players have a shot at winning. The odds on Tiger Woods are 50 to 1, when he used to be 5-, 6-, or 7 to 1. Will his injuries allow him to complete the tournament and play at the level of previous years? Or is it time for the younger players to shine?

Commentator Jim Nantz, known for being a consummate gentleman and professional, is calling his final tournament at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four as he retires from college sports. Nantz is lightening his work schedule to concentrate on spending more time with his family, but remains under contract with CBS Sports to continue covering NFL and golfing events, including the upcoming Masters. What other play-by-play plans are in his future?

The Los Angels Angels have discontinued sending their radio announcers on the road as a money-saving measure. Are they doing themselves and the fans a disservice? Will a large chunk of their audience be missing out?

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