Will the College Football Playoff Format Change to Include More Teams?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Will the College Football Playoff Format Change to Include More Teams?

The Florida State Seminoles are upset that they didn’t make it into the college football finals, having had an undefeated season and now facing the departure of their first-string QB.  Will they be satisfied with a berth in the Orange Bowl?   They’re not the only winning team to be passed up for the big bowl game.  Should there be more teams in the playoffs to determine which of many such deserving teams will have a shot at the championship?  There are 1700 players in the transfer portal, constituting over 21% of all college football athletes.  UCLA’s Dante Moore is one of those players and is possibly heading to USC if Caleb Williams declares for the draft, likely following the Bruin defensive coordinator who has moved across town.  How will this affect Chip Kelly and UCLA in the LA Bowl at SoFi against Boise State?  Which assistant coaches and players will still be on the team to finish the season?

Golfer John Rahm is now looking to make over half a billion dollars by switching from the PGA Tour to the LIV league.  He was against the idea last year and stated he would not join the LIV as many fellow players had.  Did Saudi Arabia finally come up with the right paycheck to give Rahm the confidence that his family is set for life?

Shohei Ohtani still has not given a definitive answer as to where he plans to land – is Toronto looking better and better with the team’s $600M offer?  Or will he surprise everyone and end up somewhere else?  He’s played for three organizations over the last five years and has several promising prospects all vying for his attention, including the Dodgers.  Which team will have the shiniest brass ring?

Taylor Swift is having a milestone year, with her honor of being named Time’s Person of the Year, her concerts selling out movie theaters and gigantic stadiums, including the aforementioned SoFi, and her budding romance with Travis Kelce.  Has she given football an added dose of glamor it didn’t have before and boosted viewing audiences?

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