Winning the Game of Life

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Winning the Game of Life

Football fans and players on the field were unprepared for the drama that unfolded during the Buffalo Bills/Cincinnati Bengals game on Monday night after a seemingly routine tackle by Bills safety Damar Hamlin. He collapsed upon standing when the play was over, suffered a cardiac arrest, and was resuscitated by medical personnel before being transported to a local hospital in critical condition, resulting in the game being suspended. Upon being brought out of sedation, he asked, “Did we win?” and was told, ”You won the game of life.” During the holidays, Hamlin, a philanthropist known for supporting his neighborhood in many ways, sponsored a toy drive through his philanthropic foundation, Chasing M’s. Since then, the nonprofit has received millions of dollars in donations in his honor.  What is his prognosis? If he recovers fully, will he choose to play again?

A similar incident occurred in 1971 when Chuck Hughes of the Detroit Lions did not recover after collapsing on the field and died an hour later in the hospital. What does the NFL plan to do in the wake of the incomplete game between the Bills and Bengals that was meant to determine seeding in the postseason? Will the NFL address the inherent dangers of blunt impact trauma and the many ways players are affected?

The NCAA is looking to expand the number of games in the basketball championship tournament from 68 to 90. Are they planning to do the same with football by adding more teams into the mix? It makes sense monetarily, but how will it change the structure of the bowl games? And what about the new trend of extended years of eligibility? Will there eventually be 10th-year seniors? Is the transfer portal creating opportunities for players to hopscotch from school to school, following coaches? After touting support for his Wolverine team before the game against TCU, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is leaving for greener pastures. Where will he end up? Is there a new disconnect in the idea of school loyalty?

Why was Raiders franchise leader Derek Carr benched for the last two games? Is the organization cost-cutting in the wrong places, and will Carr’s exit ensue?

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