Can the Dodgers Get Out of Their Pitching Predicament?

Fred, Art, and sports historian Matthew DiBiase are worried about the state of the Dodgers pitching staff, as injuries have made a serious dent in their rotation. After putting out big money for Tyler Glasnow and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, many fear that isn’t enough to bring in the wins. Should LA acquire one more arm before the trade deadline? Is Caitlin Clark opening doors for bigger WNBA salaries? And after paying Jayson Tatum over $300 million, what is the price tag on the World Champ Celtics?

Aaron Rodgers Passes on the Jets’ Minicamp

Fred and Art wonder if Aaron Rodgers has decided to discount the team-first mentality required for success in the NFL. Rodgers skipped the New York Jets’ offseason minicamp, raising concerns about his commitment and foreshadowing his leadership style. Will this behavior affect team chemistry? Aaron Judge is the American League frontrunner for the MLB’s Most Valuable Player, but the field is much wider for the National League. Is Mike Trout in the running? And how could Elgin Baylor be excluded from the Laker’s Top Five all-time greats?

Is J.J. Redick the Answer to the Lakers’ Woes?

Fred, Art, and Mark are adopting a wait-and-see attitude with the new Laker head coach, J.J. Redick. Will his career as a player give the Lakers the boost they need? How much time will “Hard Knocks” devote to series regulars the Bears and Caleb Williams while also spotlighting the AFC North Division? Did Willie Mays return to Rickwood Field before he passed? And does Caitlin Clark have to wait for the 2028 Olympics in LA?

More Legends Lost

Fred, Art, and Fred’s cousin Andy Baran reflect on the passing of Jerry West and Bill Walton, recounting the impact these legends have had on the world of basketball. Is Mookie Betts better suited for the outfield or should the Dodgers keep him at shortstop? Where are Charles Barkley and Inside the NBA off to next? Who is conspicuously missing from the US Olympic basketball team? And which surprising rivals might join forces in a move few thought would ever happen?

Is Gambling in Sports Too Easy?

Fred (fighting a cold), Art, and Mark question the culture of gambling among athletes as the MLB has suspended four players for betting. Pete Rose’s punishment does not seem to be a deterrent as more gambling sites partner with professional teams. Can leagues enforce their no-wagering rules? Will D. Wayne Lukas have another win with Seize the Grey at the Belmont Stakes in Saratoga? Is Caitlin Clark getting fair treatment in the press? And who will emerge victorious in the Dodger-Yankee Bronx brawl?

Will the Transfer Portal Now Offer Frequent Flyer Miles?

Fred, Art, Mark, and sports historian Matthew DiBiase ponder how a judge’s ruling that allows unlimited trips through the transfer portal will change the face of college sports. What effect will this have on the $22 million UCLA has to distribute among the various revenue- and non-revenue-generating athletic programs? Did MLB umpire Angel Henandez retire or was he fired? How will Caleb Williams handle spending his rookie season with the Chicago Bears in the spotlight on HBO’s Hard Knocks? And does Mark Cuban see eye-to-eye with Kyrie Irving?

Rookie Caitlin Clark Sparks WNBA Fever

Fred, Art, and Mark are eager to watch the Caitlin Clark phenomenon unfold as she and the Indiana Fever take on the Sparks in her first Los Angeles game. How much are fans willing to pay for courtside tickets at Arena? Can she measure up to superstars of the game like Sue Bird? Is the US government firing a warning shot at all mega-companies in its suit against Ticketmaster for monopolizing ticket distribution and pricing? And what lies ahead for Scottie Scheffler after his arrest?

Tragedy and Controversy Unfold at the PGA Tournament

Fred, Art, and guest Laura Snoke try to navigate the chain of events that led to golfer Scottie Scheffler’s arrest and subsequent release, allowing him to make his tee time for the PGA Championship in Louisville. Was it a stunt to boost ratings or a terrible misunderstanding? Has CBS Sports found a new host for NFL Today and shown Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms the door to save money? And the Dodgers are second only to which historic team in OPS numbers?

Netflix – Your New Sports Network?

Fred, Art, and Mark dissect the Tom Brady roast on Netflix. Is it a sign that the streaming giant has plans to set aside a chunk of its huge budget to include more sports? With Steph Curry and LeBron James looking to shift teams, will Nikola Jokic be the new face of the NBA? Will Rick Carlisle be fined for alleging NBA refs are showing preferences for more popular teams? And the sports world says goodbye to football legend Jimmy Johnson.

Playoffs Rage on Towards Championship Glory

Fred, Art, and Mark handicap the exciting races that will be competing for the attention of sports fans this weekend. As teams battle it out in the NBA playoffs, will the Knicks’ Jalen Brunson be the player to watch? Can Mike Trout reach the standard set by legendary players like Bryce Harper after his latest injury? Is WNBA stardom a sure thing for Caitlin Clark? And to mark the milestone of the 150th Running of the Roses, will the Kentucky Derby produce a memorable winner?