Finding Income and Fighting Inflation with Infrastructure

Season 09 Episode 03

Over the last decade, extraordinarily low interest rates have made it difficult for investors to generate income within portfolios. Against a backdrop of stretched valuations across risk assets and some uncertainty towards the outlook for monetary policy and inflation, there’s no better time to discuss how investing in infrastructure can help build better portfolios. To share his views on the asset class, Dr.Kelly is joined by Nick Moller, an investment specialist and managing director within our Infrastructure investment group.

Beyond the Public Markets, a Path to Premium Returns

Season 09 Episode 02

For investors looking to supplement their public equity allocations, private equity can help enhance portfolio returns and provide exposure to rapidly growing companies at the forefront of key market trends and themes. That being said, private equity does have the drawback of lower liquidity, and higher interest may pose a threat to future returns.
For today’s episode, Dr. David Kelly is joined by Stephen Catherwood, Co-head of our Private Equity Group with over 20 years of experience on the team. They dive deeper into the current balance of risks and opportunities in the private equity market.

Diversification, Disruption and Dislocation: Unveil the Opportunities in Alternatives

Season 09 Episode 01

Portfolio Managers from across J.P. Morgan Asset Management help to shed some light on the rapidly growing and increasingly important world of alternatives. For investors, understanding how to leverage these alternative strategies can make the difference between falling short of your long-term goals and surpassing them. For today’s episode, Dr. David Kelly is joined by Pulkit Sharma, Head of Alternative Investment Strategy and Solutions here at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, to discuss the benefits of allocating to alternatives and the opportunities that he’s seeing across alternative asset classes.

The Last Leg on the Long Road to Normal

Season 08 Episode 06

This year had no shortage of surprises for investors, from strong returns in stock markets to the impressive resilience of the U.S. economy. Along the way, we’ve confronted all sorts of shocks: a new war in the Middle East, Washington dysfunction, and even higher interest rates while the labor market and consumers have seen continued strength. On this episode, Dr. David Kelly is interviewed by Stephanie Aliaga, Research Analyst, to discuss both concern and optimism surrounding the economic outlook for 2024.

Building Stronger Portfolios

Season 08 Episode 05

Successful long-term investing requires the flexibility to navigate the ever-changing market tides and an engine of long-term assets to carry you forward. In this episode, we’re going to talk about both — how investors can build portfolios to navigate volatile market environments and generate better long-term returns. Dr. David Kelly is joined by Corey Hill, Head of U.S. Portfolio Insights at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, to dive into how his team is helping investors build stronger portfolios.

Modeling Better Investment Outcomes

Season 08 Episode 04

The menu of investment solutions has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years, as innovation in financial planning tools has enabled the development of customized and flexible strategies. This episode discusses one of these innovations, model portfolios. Dr. David Kelly is joined by Beth Nardi, Head of Model Portfolio Distribution at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, to help us learn about model portfolios: what they are, who they’re made for, and the investment challenges they’re designed to address.

Maximizing Your Retirement Nest Egg

Season 08 Episode 03

Regardless of where you are in life, you need a plan for the future. For most Americans, that involves planning for retirement, a task that can feel overwhelming at times. In today’s episode, Dr. David Kelly is joined by Michael Conrath, Chief Retirement Strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, to guide us through the toolkit for retirement planning and the key strategies that individuals can leverage.

Fine-Tuning Portfolios with Active ETFs

Season 08 Episode 02

Historically, new and innovative technologies continually disrupt industries, creating more efficient ways to reach desired outcomes. The exchange-traded fund, or ETF, is one example of these technologies in the financial services industry changing how we invest. Dr. David Kelly is joined by Bryon Lake, Global Head of ETF Solutions at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, to discuss how investors use active ETFs to harness the tools of active management in a complex investment environment.

The World of Alternative Investing

Season 08 Episode 01

In this episode, we dive into alternative assets. Alternatives have seen incredible growth in the last decade and have provided new strategies for investing in public and private markets, as well as better ways to generate alpha, income, and diversification in traditional stock and bond portfolios. For this conversation, Dr. David Kelly is joined by Anton Pil, Global Head of Alternatives, who has led the impressive growth of the alternatives platform at J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Back to School on the U.S. Economy

Season 07 Episode 04

In this episode, as we wrap up our summer series Market Movers, two of JP Morgan’s most prominent thought leaders, Dr. David Kelly and Michael Feroli, Chief U.S. Economist for the JP Morgan Investment Bank, tackle the outlook for the U.S. economy and the Federal Reserve (Fed).