What is a Probate Proceeding, Why it is Bad, and How to Avoid it

Mike chats with estate planning and trust attorney David Schneider on the downside of a probate proceeding and how to successfully avoid a probate proceeding altogether. Glean the awareness you need to manage an estate and trust to be of the greatest security and benefit for you and your family.

Real Estate Today: The Southern California Market

Your host, Mike Anderson, chats with Chloe de Verrier, a leading Los Angeles realtor, on the dynamics and state of the Southern California real estate market. Working with seasoned clients and first-time home buyers, Chloe successfully navigates real estate deals enhanced by her social media acumen. Listen in and discover the keys to this vibrant residential property market.

SECURE ACT 2.0 New Laws and Many Changes to Retirement Plan and IRA Rules

Mike speaks with Los Angeles ERISA/pension attorney Meredith Sesser on SECURE ACT 2.0, which became law at the end of 2022. This large, complex piece of federal retirement legislation, designed to make it easier for employers to offer and manage plans and encourage Americans to save more, will have a broad and deep impact on millions of employees saving for retirement. With Americans living longer, saving to finance those golden years is more important than ever. Learn what it is all about as Meredith walks us through SECURE ACT 2.0!

Retirement Plans: A Rainbow of Options

In this episode, Mike chats with Kevin Palm, a leading retirement plan actuary with over 35 years of experience in cash balance and defined benefit plan design and consulting. Kevin walks us through the rainbow of retirement plan options, from entry-level basics to the pinnacle in highly-advanced designs. Business owners, executives, finance and human resources specialists, listen in as Kevin guides you down the retirement plan path.

Special Report – 1Q 2023 Market Update

Guest Host Mark Alyn queries Mike Anderson on the economy, the markets, inflation, interest rates, the Federal Reserve, and company earnings. Tune in and listen to what’s happening currently in US finance.

Coming Up Roses in 2023

Mike wishes everyone a wonderful 2023! And to celebrate this year, Mike’s guest is friend and colleague Steve Altmayer. He is currently the longest-serving active driver with the Tournament of Roses Parade, starting at age 13. Listen now as Steve shares the joys and challenges he has encountered during his incredible 50-year journey of driving floral masterpieces that have been seen by millions of people all over the world.

What Start-Up Companies Need to Know

Arnold Anisgarten, CPA, joins Mike to discuss making a success of the backside of a start-up business. Beyond financing a start-up business, there are many areas that need to be carefully considered and addressed for a new business to be successful and not fall victim to a flameout. In this episode, Arnold navigates us through that success path.

The Great Resignation: Hiring in the Post Covid Era

The Great Resignation, which came out of the Covid pandemic, has impacted companies and employees across all industries in the United States. How has this changed hiring? What do companies and potential new hires need to know and consider? Mike chats with Marcia Wasserman on this compelling topic that is rippling through the American economy.

COVID-19 and Risks to Businesses

Mike talks with Bill Holden, Senior Vice President, Executive Perils for The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers team, on business risks presented by COVID-19 today and in the future during the aftermath of the pandemic. Bill shares his insight on employment-related risks, supply chain disruptions, company transparency, and directors’ and officers’ liability. Listen in and learn from Bill.