Explore How Prototypes And AI Are Transforming The Prototyping Process

Season 01 Episode 49

In this episode, John Cronin explains the symbiotic relationship between patents and prototypes. Learn how prototyping can enhance your intellectual property (IP) and vice versa. Discover the advancements in prototyping technology, from AI integration to 3D printing, making the process faster, cheaper, and more effective.

How to Sell Your Patent – Part 2

Season 01 Episode 39

Get ready for an enlightening episode of Invent Anything! In Part 2 of our series on selling patents, we’ll be providing a detailed guide to the art and strategy of patent sales. Whether you’re a veteran inventor looking to make the most of your portfolio or a newbie just starting in the patent world, this episode has insights for everyone.

How to Sell Your Patent – Part 1

Season 01 Episode 38

In this episode, John guides us through the process of selling a patent, starting with The Basics, navigating through Patent Citations, Press Releases, Patent Valuation, Trojan Horses, and finally, Selling to Large Companies. From start to end, John ensures a comprehensive, educational, and practical approach to selling your patent in this first part of a two-part series.

How Provisional Patents Fuel Innovation and Success from Every Angle

Season 01 Episode 36

In this episode of Invent Anything, we dive deep into the world of provisional patents and explore how they can drive innovation, protect intellectual property, and catalyze success for board members, investors, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, and inventors alike.  Tune in now to harness the power of provisional patents and supercharge your path to success!

Revitalize Your Business with IP Strategies: Part 2

Season 01 Episode 35

Continue your journey to transform your business with Intellectual Property in Part 2. Learn how IP can reduce risk, minimize liability, save money, attract valuable partners, and secure funding. Don’t miss these expert insights and success stories.

Breathing New Life into Your Business with IP Strategies – Part 1

Season 01 Episode 34

Discover how Intellectual Property can revitalize your business by improving employee morale, boosting sales, strengthening your brand, fostering innovation, and enhancing business relationships. Tune in for ten actionable tips to harness the power of IP.

Get More Patents with Invention On Demand

Season 01 Episode 32

What if there was a way to create more inventions in less time with lower costs that empowered your team to be more creative and gave your business leverage over competitors and partners? Revolutionize your business with the power of Invention On Demand – say goodbye to limits and hello to limitless possibilities!

IP Analytics: Data-Based Patent Strategy

Season 01 Episode 31

In this episode, John discusses IP Analytics, which allows you to use data from the patent office to find unique and valuable insights. IP Analysis can provide new directions for R&D, positioning your company against (or protecting your company from) a competitor, and increasing the value of your company in a merger or acquisition.

Understanding Your IP Landscape

Season 01 Episode 30

To truly know your business, you need to understand your IP Landscape. How do your business, market, product, and technology fit into the world’s intellectual property system? Find out in today’s episode.

Unlock Hidden Intellectual Property with the ipScan

Season 01 Episode 29

Do you work with an innovative team but can’t figure out why they never produce any IP, like patents and trade secrets? Many inventors have lots of great ideas but seem to have trouble getting them out of their heads, onto paper, and filed with the patent office. The ipScan is here to help and has been used for over 25 years to extract and unlock the hidden value in inventive teams.